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Rhythmsters Answer 4 by Saharat
Rhythmsters Answer 4
Question by :iconelektra-blue:

Sorry for really way too late answer!!
Looks! It Bogo! He so Bogo! by Saharat
Looks! It Bogo! He so Bogo!
Bogo! Bogo! Bogo! Bogo! Bogo! Bogo! Bogo! Bogo! Bogo! Bogo!
Cling is leader of this tribe.
Saharat and Klamper like to get zapped by the Electroids
Their max form is Saharat head but it has Cling voice.
Klamper love Hamlogna Sandwiches. Same as Zaptor and Jawg.
Klamper is resembles as Zaptor. Except he has two antennas.
Saharat often mistakes as leader of this tribe.
Saharat love collecting gears. So giving him a gears and he will really happy.
If their antenna has pulled out. They consider as naked.
If you scare them. You might make them sprung their leaks.
Their leak is oil.
Klamper has high appetite.
If no one talking to Saharat. He will thinking about gears.
Sleeking is leader of this tribe.
Sliment doesn't talk and never show any expression but he still can be impressed.
Drealess resembles as Teslo. Except he has antenna.
Sliment resembles as Volectro. Except he wears hat.
Sliment's hat can make anyone sleep within seconds. But he is immune to this effect.
Sliment never talk but Sleeking can tell what does he want or need.
Sliment never want to take his hat out.
Sleeking can be wake up by food.
If Sliment has his hat he don't talk. But if his hat went off. He will talk.
Drealess's Tail can knock everyone into sleep. Even him.
Wear something on your head to protect you from Drealess's tail!
Snapple is leader of this tribe.
Snapple has brightest flashes. But Spoter has brightest light.
If Snapple or Spoter get zapped by the electric user. Their light will power up.
Snapple can team up with Zorch. Sometimes they spark their prank wars.
Spoter is shy. As same as Seismo.
Traffico never try to pull prank to anyone. And he never think about it.
Traffico can always tell expression by his light. No matter how he hide his face.
Snapple is adept prankster. While Spoter is appearance prankster.
Spoter is resembles as Seismo. Except he is smaller.
Lolita is the leader of this tribe.
Lolita is has Yandere personality. Be careful she goes crazy if she get into Yan personality.
Bisque is dopiest. Even dopier than Balk.
Volk can be great guardian. Despite he want to protect Lolita no matter how dangerous of situation is.
Bisque has rock head he can smash anything with his head but it make him more dopey.
Lolita has cursed doll she just ask Snapple to take picture of anyone that she hate and place on head area of doll. And she start to put the nail and knock it with hammer to make anyone that picture suffer like they're have heart attack.
Volk is resembles as Flurr. Except he can't fly.
Bisque is crab like Mixel.
Bisque has high appetite.
Rabbu is the leader of this tribe.
Each member has prefer genre of music type. Rabbu is Rap and Hip hop. Tanpo is Techno,Dance and Dubstep. Maikofi is Pop,K-Pop and J-Pop.
They don't like rock or metal musics.
Sometimes they ask Vulk to make the rhythm with DJ station. When Tanpo is sick.
Tanpo can use DJ station as well as Vulk.
They have their own cafe. Outside is concert area.
Rabbu can misdirect the Nixels by his rapping. Tanpo can make Nixels dizzy with his soundwave. Maikofi can charm the Nixels by using her voice to sing.
They never miss their flows.
Tanpo can't fits any clothes despite of his big body.
Fizzchet is the leader of this tribe.
Fizzchet can reproduce the cola faster then rest of his tribe.
Fizzchet might forgetting that mentos make him fizzing.
Blort love being shook. He request everyone to shake him when greeting.
Slurpo has the fizziest cola.
Blort must jump up and down to move quickly*
This tribe can use cola jet to fly. But Blort must fly in extraordinary way by fly upside down.
If you clog Fizzchet tube/tail. His cola pressure is building up inside his tank.
This tribe try to act cool. But actually they're scaredy cat.
Fizzchet usually start with "Yo".
King and Queen by Saharat
King and Queen
Lookie there! The Rhythmsters are dressing up for performing! .....Wait...Where is Tanpo?

Maikofi: He's too big for all clothes!

Rabbu: Well he can be playback music!

Tanpo: *in dressing room* Aww...I can't fit anything!
GFI Klamper and Zaptor Route

"Our Hamlogna!!" -Klamper and Zaptor


We are at Electroids land and we are eating Hamlogna Sandwich as usual.

"This izzzzzz good!" Zaptor said while he chewing

"Now I already know why you and me like this very much!" I responded as I eat it in one munch

While we are enjoying. There was some splashing sound in forest over there. We get curious so we walk to it leaving our Hamlognas unguarded.

As Zaptor and I walking. Zaptor step on sticky thing.

"Klamper! I zzzzzzzztep on zzzomething!" I goes and inspect it.

"Hmm? It looks like it is a jelly!" I know this thing quickly because it jiggling.

"And it *sniff* Mixberry flavored!" I continues.

"Jelly? Mixberry??" He curiously look at the jelly at his foot.

"Mmm! Looks tasty. But I stepped on it..." He frowned

"*sniff* *sniff* I think there's more!" I smell a lot of mixberry scent. And follow the scent.

"Yay! Yay!" As he lift his foot and follow me.


As we follow the scent of Mixberry. We found a crater. Weird...The smell come from the crater...Is Cragsters cook something under there??

"It come from down there!" I tell him as I'm running to it.

"Crater? What it izzzzz doing there?" He questioned me.

"Who's know? Maybe Cragsters are cooking something down there will we jump?" When I'm going to jump. Zaptor pause me for a moment.

"Ehh...It look like a pothole...So no." I forgot that Zaptor don't like pothole and so do I.

"Oh yeah...What am I thinking." As I knocking my head. So I decided not to jump.

"What about we fix it? By mixing?" He suggest me to fix it.

"Oh yeah! Let's mi-...Wait...Uh-oh..." I totally forgot the cubit!

"What is it Klamp?" He asked me.

"Looks like I forgot the cubit. We have to go back and get it." I responded

"*sigh* Klamp..." He feel a bit depressed at me.

"Ehehehehe....." I do nothing but give a awkwardly laugh so me and Klamper goes back to where we are picnicking.

At first we know that our Hamlogna Sandwich is in our basket. But it gone!!

"Our Hamlogna!!" We shouted. So we instead looking for our cubit we looking for our Hamlogna Sandwiches.

"I know who zzzzzzzztole it!!" Zaptor jump while he talking and zapping.

"Whoa! Who!?" I asking him.

"Jawg....." Now I'm totally forgot to solve the main mystery what going on with crater and jellies. So we start run to Fang Gang's farmland.


"Jawg! ...Jawg!!" I shout for him that he must responsible for Hamlogna Sandwiches that he ate in picnic.

"I know you're here!! Come out therezzzzzzzzzz!" He shout too.

And that I heard Chomly said "Log toss!" So me and Zaptor rush to the totem and hide then peek to see them playing log toss. Buuuuuuuuuut unfortunately.....We are hiding in the one of totem that log can hit too!

So I look at Chomly toss the log to other totem "1 2 3 4 5 6 7!" As he counting. Good thing that it didn't hit to the totem that we are hiding. But when Jawg toss... "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-" And that after he counts 9.

The log hit the totem that we are hiding it make us shaking really hard. "Whoa!!" Me and Zaptor shout by surprisingly.

"Hmm?" Chomly start curious that what behind that totem that we are hiding. As he walk in we hide into another one.

"Hmmmm....." Chomly grumble. And he walk back to Jawg. "Nothing at all" Looks like he didn't know that we are here.

"Let get outta here!" Zaptor suggest me to go away from this place so I accept his suggestion and go out to Mixel park.


"Wait wait wait...What are we going to do...? We're not supposed to find missing hamlogna sandwiches!" I tell Zaptor to remind about real work that we are doing.

"Hmm crater? And jelly?" He remembered all.

"Yep. It is!" I quickly answered.

"But where all those jelly come from??" I adding the question to Zaptor.

"Maybe Nizzzzzzzzzel?" He suspected to Nixel.

"I don't think so..." I know Nixels love black and white colors. So there's no way to be them.

"Then who?" Zaptor ask me.

"We'll find out soon." I responded.

And so we start walking to Infernites land to finding clues of the incident.


"Flain! Meltus! Flamzer!" I shouted for them. But there no sign of them.

"Ehh maybe they are out somewhere?" Zaptor tell me that they're not here.

And that I see a stacks of bucket...Speaking of the basket. It smell with mixberry too!

"Hey Zap! I found a bucket! And it smell sweet too!" I called him to see.

"Really? Mmm! It true Klamp." But I'm still wonder where they get the mixberry from?

"Strange...Infernites isn't here..." We walk back to Mixels park

As we walking back to Mixels Park. Something zoom off on our way.

"What wazzzzzz that?" Zaptor got little scared.

"I d-don't know!!" I got scared too.

So we run back to Mixels Park.


So! We're back to Mixels park and recollecting everything.

"A crater, Mixberry Jelly?, And-" Suddenly Zaptor interrupted

"And a missing Hamlogna Sandwich!" I respond.

"No. And a bucket at Infernites..." I pondered.

*look at you* "Oh. Hey there! Are you reading there? Do you know what going on there? I'm confused"

Zaptor: *look at you as well* "Oh? Hi there!"

(Have you read Slurpo route yet?)
I'm getting to draw again I want your answer to this. Also I still have some question to answer too.


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